Fremont & Dodge County

Fremont Area Dining (Alphabetical)                                               Dodge Dining

Alotta Brownies                                                                                Merry Martini's Lounge

Andy’s On 1st                                                                                   Hilltop Lanes

Applebee’s                                                                                      Hooper Area Dining

Arby’s                                                                                              Ironhorse Foot & Spirits                       

Blue Bottle Coffee House                                                                   Main Street Diner

Brass Wok                                                                                       Office Bar & Grill

Burger King                                                                                      Sodbusters Saloon

Corner Bar                                                                                      North Bend Dining

DJ’s Bar & Grill                                                                                 Casey's Carry-out Pizza

Dairy Queen                                                                                     Corner Cafe

Dick Zesto’s                                                                                     Dodger Bowl

Doe’s Place                                                                                      Gambino's

Dugout Bar                                                                                       Rawhide Steakhouse

Frank & Oly’s                                                                                  Scribner Dining

Fremont Big Red Keno                                                                       Gambino's

Gambino’s/Baby Huey’s BBQ                                                               Mel's Bar & Lounge

Gambino’s/Hero Deli                                                                          Scribner Steakhouse

Happy Inn Restaurant                                                                      Snyder Dining

Hy-Vee                                                                                            Adies Bar & Restaurant

Imperial Palace                                                                                Deno's Bar & Grill

International Bakery

Irv’s Deli & More

Jimmy John’s

J’s Steakhouse

La Hacienda

Kentucky Fried Chicken

L.A. Fire Proof Door Company

Mac’s Cafe

Martini’s Café


Nifty 50’s

Penny’s Diner

Pizza Hut

RD’s Place

Runza Restaurant

San Anna’s Pizza & Mexican

Sonic Drive-In

Subway Sandwiches and Salads

Sweete Shoppe

Taco Bell

The Tree

USA Steak Buffett

Valentino’s Pizza

Village Inn

Vintage Lounge

Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers

Whis’s End Zone Lounge

Woodcliff Backporch Lounge

Woodcliff Restaurant & Lounge

Wooden Windmill